PineVille –Lebanon provides Great Experience, Fun and Relaxation.
The new cosy modern wooden chalets are situated in the middle of a Pine forest with an amazing view.
They are also in close proximity to the Mediterranean sea, city center, night life and Shopping areas.

Pineville Lebanon - Terms and Conditions

Every resident and customer of Pineville Lebanon Chalet should comply with the following terms and conditions. If the customer fails to conform to these policies, he will pay the amount required to repair the damages that will be caused by his negligence. We appreciate your help to meet these terms to ensure that everyone enjoys his stay at Pineville.
- A non-refundable payment of 50% of the total price of the chalet rental is required for reservation.
- The remaining 50% of the total price of the chalet rental is required before check in. This amount is also non- refundable, if the customer decides to leave before the end of his/her stay.
- Chalet Check in Time: 15:00, Checkout Time: 12:00
- Event time: 15:00 until 1:00
- Maximum sleeping allowed in 2 bedrooms chalet is 5 persons
- Maximum number of guests allowed in 2 bedrooms chalet during the day is 8 persons
- Maximum sleeping allowed in 1 bedroom chalet is 3 persons
- Maximum number of guests allowed in 1 bedroom chalet during the day is 6 persons
- Pineville management should approve the number of any additional person above the number allowed during the day and a fee of 15 USD per person applies per day
- Chalet cleaning occurs once per stay and twice per week for long stays. Additional cleaning can be requested at an additional cost of 75 USD per time.
- No Pets Allowed
- No Smoking (cigarettes or chicha) inside the chalets. Smoking inside the chalet will be penalized according to the law with 100 USD fine
- No drugs
- Clients and guests are requested to drink responsibly.
- A decent behavior of the guests is required on premises. - No fireworks.
- No weapons
- No soap in the Jacuzzi
- Maximum number of persons in Jacuzzi is 4
- Client should wash all dishes before the end of his/her stay. Additional cleaning fee of 50 USD will be applied if the guest failed to do so.
- Client should throw all garbage in the garbage bin at the main entrance of the chalets by the end of his/her stay, otherwise cleaning fees of 30 USD will apply.
- Additional cleaning fees of 75 USD can be applied if the chalet is very dirty at the end of the stay
- No moving barbecue from its original place - No charcoal in BBQ
- No standing on tables and chairs
- No music after 1:00 a.m.
- No cigarettes on the grass or the floor. Use Ashtrays for cigarettes outside.
- Do not throw any toilet paper or any other objects in the toilet. Everything should be thrown in the garbage bin in the bathroom.
- Return the key of the chalet at the end of your stay to Pineville staff
- Client is responsible for returning the chalet and venue to the state that it was provided to him. The client will be liable for any damage caused by himself or his guests.
- A valid ID should be presented during the reception of the chalet key and this ID will be kept with the chalet owner for the duration of stay. The - ID will be returned after validation that there are no damages on the premises and that the customer complied with Pineville terms and conditions.
- Pineville Lebanon management is not responsible of any valuable item that is lost on Pineville premises during stay or event.
- Pineville Lebanon management has the full authority to supervise and take pictures of any event that occurs on Pineville premises.